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Finding Your Path to Health and Peace is pleased to provide a wide variety of resources to help improve and maintain your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Many of these resources are FREE and a number of them are available online. There are three different ways to access these resources.

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The Path to Peace

For over 40 years, PROJECT: Steps to Christ has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through our nationwide distribution of the book, The Path to Peace, originally titled Steps to Christ. First printed in the late 1800s, millions of copies of Steps to Christ have been printed and distributed worldwide in over 100 different languages.

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On The Edge of Time

If there is a God, why does He allow such untold pain, sorrow, and suffering to exist? What is the purpose behind it all, if any? If you are looking for answers to these and other questions, On The Edge of Time will show you a God that really can be trusted, loved, and served without fear, giving you a reason to have hope and confidence as you face the future.

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Radiant Living

God wants you to be healthy — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here is a simple yet comprehensive booklet that will show you how. It presents timeless principles for healthful living from the Bible and supported by the latest scientific research. You will be amazed at the results of following these simple steps to Health and Happiness!

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The Great Controversy

Better than science fiction, The Great Controversy will take you on a journey through the past 2,000 years, revealing the great drama behind human history and its final climax when God's true character is fully revealed against supernatural and human efforts to destroy this knowledge from the earth. Exciting and thought provoking reading for all!

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